Submit a Manuscript


The Hampton Institute is interested in full or partial manuscripts for potential print and digital publication.

Desirable Subjects

We are interested in manuscripts that are compatible with progressive, working-class and radical politics. Intellectual content consisting of theoretical analysis, specifically regarding Marxist, Syndicalist, Anarchist or Left Libertarian theory, is also desirable. We do not typically seek works of poetry, academic theses or dissertations, military histories, apolitical memoirs, photography books, or books that might be described as Right Libertarian (Anarcho-Capitalist), conservative or apolitical.

Author Benefits

Authors receive 60% royalties on all book sales, and five free copies of the book.

Submission Process

If your project falls within the guidelines of the work we do publish, please send the following:

  • a cover letter explaining your proposed topic and its relevance to our audience;

  • a 2-page outline and summary of the book, and 1 or 2 sample chapters;

  • a brief annotated list of the existing literature on the topic and the political work your book would perform;

  • a timeline for completion of the manuscript and important considerations - such as an election, political anniversary, major conferences, etc - for the timing of its eventual publication;

  • a brief biography of the author, including prior publishing credits or academic experience in the field of study, if any.

  • Please note that we are a very small publishing operation and, due to our current priorities, are committed to accommodate two publications a year. We will reply to your submission with a confirmation of receipt, and no further communication will follow. If we choose your project for publication, we will contact you with further details regarding the process going forward, including an author contract for you to consider. Please do not email us asking for the status of your manuscript as we will typically not respond.