Solidarity: Compassion through Vulnerability and the Dismantling of the Dress

Mike Perry I Society & Culture I Commentary I June 26th, 2013

Birth: the beginning of new life. A nakedness born into a world of unratified circumstance that neither grants child choice nor opine of its raiment. For, attire has already been chosen long before conception. And if we believe ourselves to be sentient and self-governing individuals then how has this fate come to be and why must it persist? This world absquatulates with our inalienable right to freedom, truth and happiness. Irrespective of how we choose to identify ourselves, this world identifies us and unilaterally gives us identity. That is to say that, ironically, we have been stripped of our nakedness and the celebration of that nakedness - our truth. You see, nakedness is vulnerability and vulnerability is truth; within that vulnerability lies compassion: the ability to commiserate with others and their vulnerabilities. And when we express compassion, we express love. For, compassion and love are but two sides of the same coin. Neither can live without the other. And because vulnerability is a human commonality, we are capable of expressing compassion towards one another. Indeed, vulnerability is the ultimate truth. And we need to reclaim the truth that the world has, undoubtedly, stripped from us. Living without that truth is living a lie and living that lie is, actually, not living at all. Quite the contrary; it is the death and denial of love. The world condemns truth, and compassion, only to make manifest that which it chooses to make manifest: hate, intolerance, and injustice. And, in an effort to perpetuate its own existence, it precludes us from living and expressing truth and compassion. It makes the world devoid of love. It is, quite literally, an act of violence - dare I go so far as to say, murder - against the very nature of what it means to be human. And, understand that, sadly, there are perpetrators and those who are complicit, and complacent, within this wretchedness; spawns of this world. Those who know not of, or cannot recognize their own raiment or the purpose of their raiment. Those who do not know that they have been born of the same nakedness that bore their brothers and sisters, for whom they've not shown compassion. Or those, who, with blinded eyes, can only recognize one truth; a truth that only belongs to them. This is, at the very least, problematic and, at the very worst, insidious, not only for themselves but for everyone. If one does not express compassion, they do not express love. If they cannot accept another person's truth, they cannot accept their own truth. Indeed, they are not living truth; they've been fooled into believing that the fallacious wretchedness of another is a representation of the nakedness. But it is important to remember that The Dress is not representative of the heart nor the soul. For, The Dress, itself, is devoid of definition and purpose in the absence of the body for which it was made to adorn and scorn; therefore, it is devoid of vulnerability, truth and compassion. The Dress is NOT truth, therefore it is not compassion. And if it is not compassion, it is not love. Sadly, in this world, we're forced to put on these inappropriate habiliments. It's contemptible. yet it has been inculcated and perpetuated by a society that hates the celebration of individuality, happiness, compassion and love. If my nakedness - my truth - has never been celebrated, how can I know how to celebrate the nakedness of another? I believe - or, at least, want to believe - that our truths and raiments are collective, therefore we can identify with what is real and unreal through the collective and be compassionate towards one another for that exact reason. We absolutely must undress to reveal and celebrate that nakedness we once had; that vulnerability, that truth and that love, not only for ourselves, but for everyone. We know the unjust nature of our raiment. Let us recognize the vulnerability and unjust raiment of others and come together in compassion and in an agreement of love. That is the one, only truth of the human spirit.