Our Contributing Writers

Kali Ma

Kali Ma is a writer and social justice advocate currently living in the United States. Her interests include the study of society and human behavior, particularly the role of power in individual and group interactions. Her writing focuses on the "big picture" and attempts to connect the dots between dominant ideological perspectives, social policies, and their impact on working class people.
Dr. Chenelle Jones

Dr. Chenelle A. Jones is a race and crime scholar who teaches in the Department of Criminal Justice at Ohio Dominican University. She received her Ph.D. in the Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University. Dr. Jones has spoken at national conferences on issues of policing, disproportionate minority contact (DMC), and comparative issues in criminal justice. Her research interests include policing, race and crime, juvenile delinquency, and the administration of justice.

Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson is a California native now residing in New Jersey where he earned his B.S in criminal justice at New Jersey City University. He is currently working on his M.S at the same university. His research interests are radical criminology, race, class, gender & crime, community justice, and juvenile restorative justice. Sean is very active in progressive circles and has presented at several academic conferences in the NY/NJ area.
David Fields

David Fields is a Graduate Instructor of Sociology and Economics at the University of Utah. He has published several academic papers and is a regular contributor to the blog, Naked Keynesianism. The primary areas of David's research include the political economy & sociology of international finance (with a focus on economic development), the nature of capital flows, and the social/political effects of economic policy with respect to monetary affairs. In addition, he studies the material and institutional conditions that shape social inequality in developed and developing nations, the nature of neoliberalism, and the theoretical insights of heterodox economics (particularly of the Marxian/Keynesian variant). His other research interests lie in the intersections of education, capitalism, and social status; and he has become an official reviewer for the influential academic journals Review of International Political Economy and Radical Pedagogy.

Dr. Fazal Rahman

Dr. Fazal Rahman is an independent interdisciplinary researcher and writer, with background in many social and biological sciences. He has worked in many countries, such as Brazil, U.S., Zambia, Lebanon etc., as a scientist and administrator of research and development programs and centers. His articles have been published on various web sites in the U.S., U.K., Pakistan, Italy, Peoples' Republic of China, Ghana, and Nigeria. He runs a blog entitled, "Imperialism and the Third World."
Richard Posner

Richard W. Posner is an autodidact whose insatiable appetite for knowledge and understanding motivated him to abandon the public school system so he could actually learn something. His only "credentials" are a GED. He has spent the last fifty years or so working as a blue collar laborer, playing in several rock bands, being a potter's apprentice and acquiring enough computer skills to become reasonably proficient. Above all else, he has committed himself to the intense study of everything from anthropology to zealotry in a vain attempt to comprehend the undeniable death-wish of the human species.

Michael Orion Deschamps (Powell)

Michael Orion Deschamps (Powell) is a blogger and writer. He has lived all over the United States and has a penchant for religion and ideas. He currently operates the blog Radical Second Things.
Mohamed Zeeshan

Mohamed Zeeshan is a student, writer, and commentator. He is currently studying Engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology and is a frequent contributor to Gonzo Times, where his commentaries focus on world affairs and policy issues. Mohamed also operates his own blog, entitled What On Earth! He currently resides in Vellore, India.

Jon Hochschartner

Jon Hochschartner is a freelance writer from upstate New York. Visit his website at JonHochschartner.com.
Dr. Ray Von Robertson

Dr. Ray Von Robertson is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He was born and raised in Dallas, TX and received his doctorate in Sociology from Oklahoma State University. He has written and published scholarly works in the areas of critical race theory, police brutality, birthing options for African American women, boxing, the Black Seminoles, African American college students, and Latina/o college students.

Bryant William Sculos

Bryant William Sculos is a contributing writer with The Hampton Institute and a Ph.D. candidate in political theory at Florida International University, whose research uses Critical Theory as a basis to explore the relationship between capitalism, democracy, and global justice. His work has been published in New Political Science, Class, Race and Corporate Power, Political Studies Review, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books, and New Politics. Bryant is also an at-large member of Socialist Alternative-CWI in the US. He can be reached at bscul005@fiu.edu
Jiwan Kshetry

Jiwan Kshetry is a Kathmandu-based freelance writer. He regularly writes for his blog "South Asia and Beyond" and occasionally contributes for Asia Times Online and Foreign Policy Journal. His primary areas of interest are poverty, injustice, corruption and violence, particularly in South Asia. He can be reached at jiwan.kshetri@gmail.com and can be followed on Twitter @jkshetry.

William T. Hathaway

William T. Hathaway began his writing career as a newspaper reporter in San Francisco before joining the Special Forces to research a book about war. He is the author of three books: A World of Hurt,, Summer Snow, Radical Peace: People Refusing War, and Wellsprings. His forthcoming novel is entitled, Lila and the Demons. He is an adjunct professor of American studies at the University of Oldenburg in Germany and a member of the Freedom Socialist Party. A selection of his writing is available at www.peacewriter.org.
Michael B. Adewumi

Michael Adewumi was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. He earned his BA in Political Science from North Carolina Central University. In the summer of 2013, Michael participated in a Duke University Ethnographic field research study regarding the History and Politics of Ghana, West Africa. He loves going to the movies and watching TV dramas. He is a conversant and social media political pundit.

Eoin Higgins

Eoin Higgins is a recent graduate of the Masters in History program at Fordham University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He lives in Hillsdale, New York.
Asha Layne

Asha Layne is a sociology doctoral student specializing in criminology and social inequality at Howard University. She received her B.A. at William Paterson University and M.A. at Morgan State. Her research interests include intimate partner violence, race and crime, sexuality, and juvenile violence. Asha was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and raised in Clifton, NJ.

Terry Young, Jr.

Terry Young, Jr. is from Arcadia, La and currently resides in Baton Rouge. He is 27 years old and holds a BA in political science from Grambling State University and an MPA from Louisiana State University. His academic interests include race, gender, sexuality, politics, popular culture, and public policy.
Jordan Shanti

Jordan Shanti lives in the jungles of Burma as a teacher of English, history, and political literature. He is self-educated, with an interest in spirituality, anarchism, history, and deep ecology. Shanti identifies deeply with the earth and her various inhabitants. He manages and writes for the subversive blog, empirical dissent.

Dr. Joseph Kramp

Dr. Joseph Kramp is an Adjunct Professor of philosophy, religious studies and psychology at Chicago Theological Seminary and Florida Gulf Coast University, among others. He is most recently author of Ralph Waldo Emerson: A Psychological Biography (NY and Wales: The Edwin Mellen Press, January 2014). He is former chair of the psychology of religion section of American Academy of Religion. He writes extensively on American religion, politics, aesthetics, psychology and economics.
Chris Stevenson

Chris Stevenson is a syndicated columnist, regular contributor to blackcommentator, and runs his own blog, www.thebuffalobullet.com. Follow his public accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Watch his video commentary, Policy & Prejudice, for clbTV and follow his Blogtalkradio interviews on 36OOseconds.

Michelle Black Smith

Michelle Black Smith is a curator and cultural historian. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Art History at Princeton University, and her Master's Degree in Museum Studies at S.U.N.Y. Fashion Institute of Technology. Black Smith has acted as guest curator or consultant to numerous museums, arts organizations and cultural and educational institutions, including but not limited to, the Smithsonian Institution Anacostia Museum, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Motown Historical Museum, Henry Ford Museum, Jazz Museum at 18th and Vine, Black Fashion Museum, and the New York tri-state area Public Library and School systems.
Daniel J. Kelly

Daniel J Kelly has been a member of CSEA (Civil Service Employees Association) for over 20 years. In addition to being a shop steward and a local labor council delegate, he also coordinates an informal labor study group. Besides his civil service employment, Dan has also worked as an actor and a director. In the early 1980s, Dan worked closely with ACORN to get the community radio station KNON-FM on the air in Dallas, TX and briefly served as the station's news director. He has been active in the Occupy movement which led to his camping in Academy Park in downtown Albany, NY, where he was arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. Dan helped form the Capital District Socialist Group and, over the years, has been active in numerous other movements. Dan has a B.A, in English, from the University of Texas but he believes real knowledge cannot be measured by a bunch of fancy letters after a person's name.

Anna Brix Thomsen

Anna Brix Thomsen is alum from Aarhus University in Denmark, and Stockholm University in Sweden. She has an undergraduate degree in pedagogy and a graduate degree in educational sociology. By day Anna works as a teacher in Sweden and by night she is a social media activist working for a life that is best for all. "I never thought I would become a teacher. Nor did I ever dream about it. I always thought teaching was a tough and unrewarding job. Since I started working as a teacher, I have gained a profound respect for the responsibility teachers have. Teachers hold a key position to changing the world. We also hold the key to preventing change if we are not changing ourselves but merely regurgitate the same teachings that we have been taught through an education system that teaches children to become functional in a broken system. It is possible to change the world - but only if we start teaching a different way of living that starts with ourselves as the example of change."
Riad Azar

Riad Azar is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He obtained his BA in Political Science from William Paterson University in New Jersey, where he was a student and labor organizer. His research interests include non-state actors and the informal economy in cities of the Global South, Marxism, neoliberal governance, and ethnographic methodologies.