The Hampton Team

Colin Jenkins is a member of the IWW (Wobblies) and author of A Fatal Agenda: The Social, Economic, and Democratic Consequences of Neoliberalism.

Andrew Gavin Marshall is an independent researcher and writer based in Montreal, Canada, and founder of The People's Book Project.

Dr. Jason Williams is an activist scholar who is deeply involved in the commission of social justice. He received his PhD in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University.

Nicholas Partyka is a philosophy PhD and heterodox political-economist. His specialties include the philosophy of economics, as well as social, political, and moral philosophy.

Derek Ide studied history and education at the University of Toledo and is the author of Egypt's Past and Potential: Nationalism, Neoliberalism, and Revolution.

Sonasha Auset Braxton is a nomad, world citizen, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native. She has spent a number of years in Sub-Saharan Africa, working in the field of refugee protection, social services and resettlement.

Syard Evans is the Director of Community Living Services at Arkansas Support Network, a nonprofit organization in Arkansas. She has a Masters in Counseling.

Debra Hocking is a survivor of the Stolen Generations and descendant of the Mouheneener people of South-East Tasmania. She has received UN awards Peace, and the Human Rights Award for her activities in Tasmania.

Sean Posey is a photographer, activist, and historian. He is a graduate of the photography program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Boyce Brown's professional career has largely centered around school administration, non-profit administration, and education law. He is currently undergoing a transition to academia.

Devon Douglas-Bowers holds a BA in Political Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He runs a blog entitled What About Peace and hosts Hampton's bi-monthly podcast, A Different Lens.

Cherise Charleswell, MPH is a Womanist, author/writer, poet, blogger, entrepreneur, and host & producer of the Wombanist Views radio show.

Jonathan Mathias Lassiter is a 21st century polymath. He is a psychologist-in-training, author, intellectual, activist, and choreographer.

Hillary lives in western North Carolina with her partner and son. She preaches and teaches in a small church in the French Broad Watershed and is a regular contributor to Jesus Radicals.

Jeriah is a wilderness guide who teaches primitive living skills to people. He guides nature walks and plant medicine walks, plant-based healing, urban farming, and sustainable living.

Derek R. Ford is a teacher, organizer, and academic living in Syracuse, NY. His research interests are located around the intersections of political economy, critical pedagogy, space, and air.